In trying to get a node.js appliction up and running on Azure I came up against a problem. My git repository had two separate node.js projects in it so I couldn't use git publishing. In order to allow for git publishing I needed to separate out my projects, but I didn't want to lose my git history for each project.

After some searching I found Greg Bayer's "Moving Files from One Git Repository to Another, Preserving History." It seemed to work up until the point where I was moving files. It seems maybe he had a typo when it came to the mv * <directory 1> line (maybe is should be git mv * <directory 1>?). Or maybe I was just doing it wrong.

Looking into the stackoverflow question he referenced I found the solution I needed.

The bard-chat repo had multiple projects in different directories. From the bard-server sub-directory I needed to pull the node.js project files and make those the basis for the bard-chatter repo.

$: git clone
$: cd bard-chat/
$: git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter bard-server/ -- --all
$: git remote rm origin
$: cd ..
$: git clone
$: git remote add orig ../bard-chat
$: git fetch orig
$: git branch orig remotes/orig/master
$: git push origin master